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Yes we brought it to you first…years ago. We told you that Fire Chief Gerald Simon was a thief. We told you that Simon was stealing money from the city. It has now been confirmed.

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Gerald A Simon = G.A.S. = Guilty As Sin


Joseph Torres is a Captain in the Oakland Fire Department. Torres tries to portray a seasoned and experienced Fire Captain who is the corner stone of his union between his wife and kids. However, Torres is far from the character he imitates. Like many, his home life reflects his work life in that they are both ragged, out of control, and uncivilized. Torres was recently forced to transfer stations due to an affair that he was having with a fire department dispatcher. Joseph Torres decided to prey on a subordinate dispatcher, Thea Mixon, who worked at the same location where he would spend multiple nights away from his family. Mixon, a subordinate, has an uncanny resemblance to Torres’ current wife, Lisa Torres. Both blonde and slim…well one of them is still pretty slim. Torres’ current wife Lisa has been humiliated and made a fool of as she has served as a house wife for many years raising their five kids. And Torres doesn’t stop there. Torres is known to come to work and repeatedly complain about the behavior of his daughter. Claiming that she is “loose” and claiming that she is “different” than his other children. The entire time never taking a look at his own actions and realizing that his secret relations outside of his marriage is what is causing his turmoil. Torres you too are a sexual predator and a man of pure weakness. You have betrayed the one thing that accepted you; your family.

Zoraida Diaz: Currently suffering from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

You would like everyone to believe that you are a strong intelligent African American Woman who proudly leads other African Americans in the struggle to “Keep the fire burning for justice.” However your actions speak louder then your photos that you post of yourself on the O.B.F.F.A. web site, your actions speak louder than what you portray your self to be in your O.B.F.F.A. meetings.

Zoraida, you are the self-serving individual who stumbled upon the Fire Department after you had been laid off from your job for over a year. Serving the citizens was not something that you had a passion for. It has always just been a paycheck to you. You are the one who used any and everyone you could to get hired, only to turn your back on those that were initially in your corner. You are the one who sought out and received confidential information regarding the Lieutenants exam. You received information about the written test and then you received information about the “fire problem” hours prior to your exam. Zoraida, you are the one who was never voted in as the President of the O.B.F.F.A. You were only placed into the position by default. And then what did you do after that? You appointed the Vice President and almost half of the Organization’s executive board. It didn’t stop there for you. You then managed to change the Organizations bylaws so no one could run for the President’s seat unless they were already in your “click” of followers on the executive board. You have ruined a once great organization. Shame on you Zoraida, you have successfully mimicked the actions of a true oppressor.

Zoraida, your name represents a woman who is enchanting or captivating. However, we have found you hanging out on the other side of the Bay with your baggy pants sagging below your waist, mean mugging, while holding on to your crotch. It is clear to us all that you are lost… a lost fool who doesn’t even know how to come home. You have let your self down; you have let us all down. The only thing captivating about this Zoraida is how ignorant she is. You are a terrible example of a “Woman in the Fire Service.”

We would now like to thank you Zoraida because you provide a great lead into our next subject…South West Regional Director of the International Association of Professional Black Firefighters, Demond Simmons. You see these two share something other then just being involved in the same phony Mickey Mouse organization. They have also shared the same lover. Zoraida who openly dates a woman Firefighter named ########. You see Zoraida has appointed ###### to the Executive Board of this Mickey Mouse O.B.F.F.A. organization. But prior to her relationship with Zoraida, Demond Simmons who was ###### Merritt College EMT instructor, took advantage of her and abused his supervisory and custodial relationship. Simmons abused his position of power as an instructor and as a Civil Service Member when he coerced her into having sexual relations in return for a passing grade and extra assistance in her entry-level academy when she was hired. Yes, Simmons was also a head Cadre member when ###### came into the Fire Department and trained at the Department’s training center. Simmons would brag to his co-workers about how he had sexual relations with ###### and claimed that she was a “housewife” with children and a husband. Simmons was put in a position of power and control over innocent female employees who would soon become victims.

Simmons has continually demonstrated this behavior with other women in the Department as well. Firefighter ####### is another female employee whom Simmons has spread numerous rumors about. Bragging to the guys about how she has performed oral sex on him on a different number of occasions. Someone told us to ask you a question Mr. Simmons… Mr. South West Regional Director. How good was the oral sex ####### gave you while you were driving? Demond Simmons you are nothing but a sexual predator.

Demond Simmons: Currently suffering from Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome/elevated.

Message to Sexual Predator Simmons

We have been closely watching you for a while now. We have redacted the names of your victims but in order for them to stay that way we are requiring your public resignation from the International Association of Professional Black Firefighters and from the Oakland Black Firefighters Association.  If you choose to disobey, your victim’s names and photos will be revealed as well as others in your circle.  We will accept your resignation no later then January 15, 2013. This is not a threat. There will be more names and photos of others not mentioned here who have committed similar despicable infractions. You know who you are.

Self Serving Simmons!

Recent News!

Recently the Chief of the Department, Chief Teresa Reed, has come under fire from some of the fake and phony “righteous” members of the Department. Some of the leading members of The Oakland Fire Department Women’s Organization called a special meeting to attempt to publicly humiliate and ridicule the Chief. They accused the Chief who is an African American Female of making comments that degraded women and “set women back 30 years.” The first chance some of these imposters got, they immediately attempted to seize the opportunity and degrade and insult Chief Teresa Reed. Ironically, these phony members received their information from a group of members from station 4. Station 4 is a place in the Oakland Fire Department where historically women and African Americans have been nearly banned. This is the same place that made it so hard on a female firefighter (J.K.), until she finally vacated and transferred to another station. How ironic is it that these members from the Women’s Organization received their information from such a source? Shame on you fake and phony members for even entertaining these accusations. Yes, the Chief may have admitted to the accusations and apologized but not because they were 100% true, but because it was much easier to admit to it and move on, rather then put up a fight.

Where were you fake and phony members when an African American Battalion Chief (retired) was getting harassed and discriminated against?

Where were you fake and phony members when an African American Lieutenant was being harassed and discriminated against?

Where were you fake and phony members when an African American female Captain was nearly illegally forced to retire?

Where were you fake and phony members when Union President Chuck Garcia racially harassed an African American member (now Lieutenant) and said that the African American member liked “chicken backs and wings?”

Where were you fake and phony members when Lieutenant Charles Gresher raped a prostitute in fire station 13?

Where were you fake and phony members when there were numerous women forced to retire early from the Department because of the physical ability test? And then once the Union Vice President, Brad Peraldi, could no longer bend over to tie his shoes, the test miraculously was negotiated away.

Oh…we know where you were. Firefighter Paramedic Julie Green (Caucasian), you were throwing cups at Black members and saying that you are “afraid to work with three big black men.”

Engineer Joanelle Bala (Caucasian), you were too busy committing adultery with Firefighter David Espino. Yes, Espino let the cat out of the bag and told all of his boys at station 8 that you liked anal. And your sister Heather Cook was to busy performing oral sex while she hanged out at station 23 on her off days. Your sister Heather Cook was also to busy being suspended for harassing a gay female employee.

Susie Able and Olivia Moore-Wraa, you guys were too busy attempting to get an African American male employee terminated as you lied and falsified police reports.

Battalion Chief Melinda Drayton, you were too busy performing yoga in your small spandex shorts in front of other male employees. You were to busy stretching and exposing your crotch. You were too busy falsifying documents against African Americans claiming harassment.

Battalion Chief Jennifer Ray, you were also too busy falsifying documents against African American employees. You were also the training Chief in-charge when inappropriate music was played during a fire Department graduation. You are the one who is in so far over your head that you break down and cry when your superiors criticize you.

You fake and phony members attempt to portray that you are righteous but in reality you only use you womanhood as a crutch to assist your sick and twisted plans. You have given the real people involved in the struggle a bad name. You are the ones who have set us back. You are the ones who failed to support Chief Reed when she took a stance to refuse to hire off a list of potential employees when there were no women or minorities on the list.


A past of corruption that is never corrected can lead to a future that remains corrupt.” “Same person, different hat.” “Same book, different cover.”

Our sources have informed us that Simon has the same corrupt, hypocritical, attitude in his personal life that he has displayed in his profession. While his then wife was severly ill, Simon had a love child with one of his assistants. During the divorce settlement, Simon managed to swindle his then wife out of a home in the Oakland hills with a value of Approximately $900,000.00 with less then half owed on the principal, vehicles valued over $10,000.00, and two luxorious time shares, one named the Wind Jammer Resort and Beach Club, and the other named World Mark Trend West.

While Conducting various interviews with prior and present employees, co-workers and City Officials who wish to keep their identities private, we have revealed the following concerns:  


During Simon's Tenure…


 Stealing Money From The City

Gerald A Simon = G.A.S.= Guilty As Sin
You've been caught red handed Jerry!

During Chief Gerald Simon's tenure, he and Fire Administration have misappropriated $4 million per year of measure Y funding. 

Simon and his regime continue to flush the Citizen's dollars down the toilet!  Where is the mentor program Jerry?

Chief Simon has allowed the Fire Union to retain over $1 million dollars in employee dental benefits for their own personal use. 

During Chief Simon's tenure, Chief Simon and Fire Administration have overcharged the Port of Oakland $2 million in fraudulent charges and fees.

Drug Abuse Cover-up

Recently at a Oakland Fire Station a Firefighter was caught with a used hypodermic needle and drug paraphernalia Chief Simon and his Deputy Chief destroyed the evidence and refused to conduct a investigation or have the member tested for cause per City Policy.

Simon Promotes Racial Separation

African American Firefighter was physically assaulted by a White Co-worker, who admitted to the assault, Chief Simon refused to punish the employee resulting in increasing racial hostility between African Americans and their white counterparts.

African Americans have been continuously harassed, hazed, and discriminated against in Fire Stations resulting in African American employees suffering verbal and physical abuse, food and property tampered with and unfair retribution.   

On Chief Simon's watch Africans Americans have been punished severely while their White counterparts receive little or no punishment at all for their discretions 

All I Owe, I have Forgotten!

Simon has turned his back on us!

Chief Simon has personally attacked many African American employees, allowing his own personal bias to be revealed

Chief Simon has come under the facade that he supports the advancement of women and people of color but yet under his tenure he has fired, divided and persecuted the same people he has promised to protect.  


A House Divided Will Fall

Chief Simon has successfully divided and pitted minorities and different groups against each other in order to carry out his personal agenda 

Sexual Scandals 

During Chief Simon's first tenure with the City of Oakland he was involved in multiple sexual scandals , which eventually resulted in a unconfirmed love child and the demise of his marriage.   

Simon Allows Homophobia 

Chief Simon allows Gay, Transgender, and Bi-sexual employees to be threaten, harassed, and persecuted for their lifestyle resulting in being ostracized by fellow firefighters. 

Scams and Scandals

Recently a White Firefighter refused to follow the instruction from his African American Supervisor in which the White Firefighter 
physically threaten the supervisor without retribution from Chief Simon who did not pursue the matter.

While on a call a African American Firefighter was harassed by another non-African American Firefighter who went into his room and illegally went on his computer and accessed his Face Book account and placed derogatory comments and homophobic pictures on his Face book page that went viral for all of his friends and family to see. 

Chief Simon has already retired once from the City of Oakland as the Fire Chief and according to Chip Johnson from the San Francisco Chronicle he is Double Dipping collecting a fully vested retirement and now the Citizens of Oakland are paying him over 150K in salary and benefits.

You've been caught with your hand in the cookie jar Jerry!  Click the link below to see Chip Johnson's Article.


Recently a African American Female Firefighter was punish twice as severely as her white counterparts for allowing her Driver's License to expire.

Currently Chief Gerald Simon is at the center of multiple multi-million dollar lawsuits against the City of Oakland. 

Fire Chief Simon allowed a White employee to use disparaging sexes and vulgar comments while speaking to dispatchers over the radio.  Employee recieved little to no punishment.

Promotional examinations for Battalion Chief, Captain, Engineer, and Firefighters have all had elements of corruption, bribery, and coercion.

No means NO! Rape at a Fire Station

Chief Simon has been in involved with a cover-up of Rape.  A White Officer was accused of Rape inside of a Fire Station, once again Chief Simon allowed the offender off with a slap on the wrist by reducing the charge to failing to respond to an emergency. 


Most Recently Chief Simon is involved in a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cover up involving a White Firefighter.  

While Driving Under the Influence the White Firefighter hit a vehicle and left the scene of the crime resulting in not only a DUI, but additionally a Hit and Run offense. With Chief Simon's assistance and the Firefighter's Union, it was reduced from a hit and run DUI to just a DUI.  Chief Simon has not punished the White Firefighter, and currently the White Firefighter is currently working his regular duties driving Fire Vehicles. 

The "Puppet Master" plays his games

Recently employees have told us that Chief Simon has been involved with various Promotional Testing Scandals in which he has directed his cronies to change results, make deals, and deny promotions.  Employees have said that the promise of promotions, pay raises, and favors have never materialize.