Declaration Of Disgrace

Corruption in the Oakland Fire Department

The Puppet-Master


The Puppets that serve him!


Lets play a game of Simon Says…

Simon say’s: Don’t look into the charges

Simon say’s: Everything is Okay in the OFD

Simon say’s: Sign the joint statement of Disgrace


The Declaration of Disgrace

At least our forefathers of our country validated the amendments before signing


The following members are those who have fell victim to the infamous Simon Says game, and have all signed the Declaration of Disgrace.


Larry Sampson

(Oakland Black Firefighters Association President)

His career speaks for itself, this puppet is controlled by the Puppet-Master by backdoor deals, Blackmail and Quid pro quo------Scandal and disgrace follows him everywhere!


Melinda Drayton

(Oakland Firefighter’s Women’s Committee)

Melinda Drayton as recognized as Miss Spandex, this puppet is known to conduct her yoga routine in front of her crew brandishing her private tattoo for all to see…this puppet was given preferential treatment throughout her career, which began at the drill tower when Deputy Chief Hoffman allowed her to bypass her ladder evolution final and complete the academy. The privileged treatment does not stop there, this puppet was able to attend officers classes while on duty, drive a city vehicle to attend these classes and to top it off, the Fire Department paid for it------This puppet was also allowed to remain an extra 120 days as a limited duration appointment Battalion Chief even after the list expired------unheard in the OFD------I wonder could it have been the special visit to the Station to the puppet from the Puppet-Master who personally apologize for not appointing her to the position of Battalion Chief but promised to give her the job the next go around------ It’s good to be connected!

Does she truly represent what feminism is?



Charles “Chuck” Garcia

(I.A.F.F. Local 55 President)

This puppet is a known racist and separatist that used racist statements towards African Americans such as “You people enjoy eating chicken wings and backs”.  This Puppet has never came to the aide of any African American Firefighters and only protects a selected members that seem to be his cronies. While attending a fundraiser while intoxicated, this puppet was involved in damaging a Golf cart, which union dues paid to repair. This puppet was also involved in a $5,000 night of indulgence at a Las Vegas Strip Club, that he charged on his Union Credit card, that Union members paid.
He has consistently told untruths to the Membership of Local 55, while still collecting half of what a top-tier firefighter receives. It’s good to see that you did not take a salary cut Mr. President.

  • Dental Scam------Show me the money
  • Your medical cost will not increase------I can not afford medical anymore  
  • Your not taking a pay cut------Your hourly wage has decreased with less benefits (sick time or accrued vacation time)  
  • Layoffs are coming------The City has hired more Firefighters
  • The RDO is coming back------Right!!!



Demmond Simmons

(I.A.B.P.F.F/Southwest Region)

This puppet is a known sexist who is a branded for his well-known dislike for women in the fire service. This puppet uses his Power and Authority to sway young and naïve students to do his beckoning. This puppet has been in the center of numerous scandals and issues where he has waffled and changed his story to benefit his own career! Lastly, he was just appointed by the Puppet-Master to the position of Captain---A favor for a favor      


Gerald A Simon  =  G.A.S. = Guilty As Sin


How can they sign onto this document while the following issues are evident?


  • African American assaulted at Station 19
  • Gay employee harassed at Station 5
  • Driving under the influence (D.U.I.) not charged or punished at Station 1 (Cover up)
  • Lieutenant drug abuse cover up at Station 1
  • African Americans discriminated, harassed, and retaliated against at Station 1
  • Homophobic pictures displayed at Station 1
  • African American harassed at Station 3
  • Rape cover up at Station 13
  • Anti-gay sediment throughout the Department
  • African American disparate treatment throughout the Department
  • Testing procedures through all ranks are corrupt
  • Inappropriate supervisory and subordinate relationships involving employees


The following are documented court cases against the Oakland Fire Department and its Administration dealing with discrimination of race, age, sex, religion and disability.

  • Case number 01-031722 year 2002
  • Case number RG03101023 year 2003
  • Case number RG03127976 year 2003
  • Case number RG06256027 year 2006
  • Case number RG06284463 year 2006
  • Case number C10-00358 SI year 2010
  • The list goes on...


This puppet has been wondering around dragging his string since Simon has left.. He has recently gven a minority crew on the east end of town multiple problems accusing them of being less then professional and lacking skill. He has now transferred to the Notorious Station One to team up with the C shift. A shift known for turmoil. He will now join with two supervisors whom are known for their racist antics Willie “Furman” Towner and John “hypodermic needle” Farrell. Lets see if Simmons will write any of these guys up who are known for disrespecting patients and mocking the homeless by taking pictures of them with their camera phones. But don’t worry C shifters you have nothing to worry about, Simmons won’t give you any problems, he is simply their to show the Union that he can be their “step’n fetchit” “ace boom” “right hand man”. All he cares about is being pinned with a Battalion Chief’s badge. Simmons will probably even start playing video games with you guys all day long in the T.V. room.

This puppet has also transferred to the notorious Station One where he has successfully aided the other Supervisors in their quest to run out all of the African American Firefighters. Nearly all of the African American Firefighters on the shift that Garcia belongs to have since vacated or are actively looking for a new Station to call home. Garcia and his counterparts have denied members of training opportunities and have made it exttremly uncomforatable to belong. Garcia has also attempted to join the Oakland Black Firefighters Association. His timing couldn’t be any more then perfect since he has recently been exposed on and due to the fact that he needs some more credibility while speaking to the Mayor and the City Council. Chuck, why have you been in the Fire Department for nearly 20 years and now you feel the need to join the Oakland Black Firefighters Association??? We’re still waiting for an answer… ??? Maybe you can get some other puppets to back you and tell us all how you have represented us all…equally… maybe… maybe not… Who wants to step forward and be on Chucks Puppet string??? Hey, Chuck I have another good idea to make you look more credible and less of a racist then your previous history has proven… Why don’t you click on this link and join the NAACP or click on this link and join the International Association of Professional Black Firefighters, or click on this link and join 100 Black Men of America. Yeah, that will make you look real credible…

Hey Chuck… what did you mean by the statements you made about Black people and chicken wings??? We’re still waiting for an answer…

This puppet has since went “underground” and remained out of sight out of mind since Simon has been gone. He’s the puppy that never learned how to fend for him self. Any one need a puppet? He has now completely disowned the OBFFA once he was not voted back in for the president’s seat and has now focused on applying for Garcia’s Puppet sting spending the majority of the time working with the Union and his advisory board seat. Still wondering around with his eyes closed. Self serving Sampson…

This puppet has since remained low key and continues to reep the rewards that Simon has given her. She is a proud Battalion Chief plotting on her next scandle to move closer to the top. Even while off on Worker’s comp, yes I said workers comp. She has now moved into the Battalion Chief roll which is an administrative position but somehow she has managed to get injured??? Seems suspicious to me, lets wait to see what our Private Investigator comes up with. Maybe we’ll get some camera shots of her cheering on her husband while he does skateboarding tricks on Piedmont ave. Is the injury keeping you out of yoga class???

… her privllages still continue…